Vinyl Fence Problems & How BlacklineHHP Fixed Them

A vinyl railing fence made by Blackline HHP

While every fence has its pros and cons, vinyl fences are popular choices because fence manufacturers like BlacklineHHP have corrected many, if not all, vinyl fence problems. Vinyl fencing has been growing in popularity over the past two decades because of its low maintenance requirements compared to other types of fencing, like wood, aluminum, and […]

Fence On Property Line? Problems, Laws & Tips To Know

A white vinyl fence on property line made by Blackline HHP.

The old saying, “Good fences make good neighbors,” can be true in most cases. But, sometimes, you’ll get a neighbor who doesn’t respect your boundary, like a fence on property line boundaries. A boundary dispute can arise when a neighbor adds to their home or crosses your shared property line in some way. In this […]

Fence Laws In California: A Simple & Practical Overview


Many disputes about fences can arise when homeowners do not understand fence laws in California about installing and placing fences on their property. Unfortunately, rules about fence placement, fence height, and property lines can be pretty confusing and cumbersome to read and understand for the average homeowner.  To help you learn more about each state’s […]

Decorative Fencing Examples To Inspire Your Yard Design

decorative fence from BlacklineHHP privacy fence

From the All-American white picket fences to the trademark ranch and rail fences of ranches, fences have long been a way to decorate and protect the things we value. If you’re on a search for inspiration and ideas on how to decorate your fence, look no further! We’ve rounded up the best pictures and fence […]

Fence Lighting Ideas & 5 Questions About Outdoor Lighting

vinyl fencing light ideas

Installing fence lighting in your yard or around your property is an excellent way to not only improve the beauty of your yard but the security of it as well. This is why homeowners spend hours looking at fence lighting ideas. With the right outdoor lighting, your yard will look amazing and your home will […]

Vinyl Fence Gate Locks: Best Tips To Know While Shopping

Vinyl Fence Gate Locks

Keeping your fence secure is important since an unsecured fence can let in unwelcome intruders. Also, wandering neighborhood kids could slip in without you noticing and get injured, which would be your fault (go figure!). In today’s post, we’re going to go over different types of vinyl fence gate locks and some tips to keep […]