All About The Vinyl Fence Manufacturing Process

If you’ve been researching which vinyl fence to buy for your yard, you may have questions about vinyl fences. As a leading vinyl fence manufacturer, BlacklineHHP has invested many years perfecting the vinyl fence manufacturing process. Our team wrote this article to explain the details of vinyl fence manufacturing.

What is a vinyl fence made from?

One of your first questions is probably about the ingredients used to manufacture a vinyl fence.

Vinyl fences are made of special plastic like polyvinyl chloride (called PVC). PVC is blended with other ingredients that make it strong, beautiful, and durable. Vinyl fences are often up to 5 times stronger than other fence materials like wood.

Vinyl fence manufacturing: monoextrusion & co-extrusion

There are two primary manufacturing methods used to make vinyl fences, including monoextrusion and co-extrusion.

Monoextrusion is a manufacturing process that involves injecting polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with ultraviolet inhibitors. Co-extrusion involves two layers of PVC, including a coverage layer and an inner layer.

What are the parts of a vinyl fence?

Here is a list of the major pieces and parts you’ll find in a vinyl fence:

  • Posts are vertical parts that are secured with concrete and gravel in the ground.
  • Pickets and rails are placed between fence posts to improve aesthetic appeal and add stability and privacy.
  • Post caps are situated at the top of each fence post to add decoration and beauty.
  • Panels are pre-fabricated sections of a vinyl fence that are designed to make fence assembly and installation easier.
  • Brackets secure each vinyl fence panel and posts to each other so its secured and sturdy.

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