Low Maintenance Fence: Why Vinyl Fences Are Best

Whether it’s a honey-do or a fun DIY project, one of the most common tasks in home improvement is a new fence installation. Getting a new fence is an easy way to spruce up the look of your home and yard. There are a lot of fence material types and styles to consider, but vinyl remains the top choice for a low maintenance fence. 

Vinyl fences are growing popular among homeowners and other types of property owners because they require less maintenance than other fences. They also do not compromise on strength or durability. And, since BlacklineHHP solved the problem of chalky dark-colored vinyl fencing, you can even have a black vinyl fence!

4 reasons to choose a low maintenance fence

Some people buy a fence for privacy, while others want a fence they can use as part of their yard decor. Either way, vinyl fences fit the bill because of the various styles available. Here are some other benefits that only a vinyl fence can offer you….

Fence installation is much easier

Every fence project starts with the hardest part: fence installation. Drawing out the area, aligning each fence panel along the planned installation site, and digging the right post holes for the fence. With a vinyl fence though, the fence installation process is much easier. Each fence kit will come with the assembly instructions and post digging instructions. 

Busy schedules need an easy-to-clean fence

Between work and your personal life, there’s a really good chance that you’re NOT looking for another thing to add to your to-do list. A vinyl fence helps you avoid those long hours of wasted free time on cleaning your fence and trying to maintain your yard appeal. Instead, all that’s needed to maintain a vinyl fence is to occasionally wash it with a water hose and a cleaning cloth.

Fun time or fence maintenance time?

With a wooden fence, good fence maintenance means regular stain or paint job to keep that original look you like. But once you build and install a vinyl fence, the only upkeep work you’ll have to do is occasional washes. This kind of cleaning can be done with a damp cloth and water hose.

A strong fence with classy style and durable design

Vinyl fences come in a wide variety of styles including privacy fences, ranch rail fences, and semi-privacy fencing. This means that choosing vinyl fencing won’t force you to abandon your cherished decor style or carefully planned yard space. Instead, you’ll get the look you want for your yard while benefiting from a low-maintenance fence.

Why choose vinyl fences vs. aluminum?

Those in a rush to mark a boundary or property line often choose an aluminum fence. But an aluminum fence does not offer the same beautiful look that a vinyl fence can provide for you. Plus, vinyl semi-privacy fencing options give you the same visibility as a fence made of aluminum material. This makes aluminum a less ideal fencing material than vinyl.

Aluminum fences are cheaper than vinyl fences, but still more expensive than wooden fences. But, when compared to vinyl, aluminum fences offer no privacy.

Additionally, aluminum is a lighter fence material. This means that it won’t provide much security against intruders like a vinyl fence. In this case, a vinyl fence would be the best choice for you to install in your yard.

Why choose vinyl fencing over a wood fence?

It’s a tough choice to make, deciding on the best choice between wood fencing and vinyl fencing. But, the low maintenance required by vinyl fencing material gives it a clear advantage over a wood fence.

Wood fences are the cheapest option for enclosing a yard or property. However, wooden fences come with a lot of maintenance work that you may not have time or desire to do. When you choose a vinyl fence, you’ll receive a low maintenance fence that has much more eye appeal and less fence care required.

Will I need to paint my vinyl fence?

No, you do not need to paint your vinyl fence.

Almost everyone knows the story of Tom Sawyer whitewashing a wooden fence. Even if you don’t, you already know how much work goes into painting a wooden fence. Some fence owners find it enjoyable, while others simply don’t have the time, energy, or desire to spend hours painting and staining their fence.

If this sounds like you, then it’s best to choose a vinyl fence. From ranch rail and vinyl railing to privacy fences and semi-privacy fences, you’re sure to find the best fence style for your yard.

It’s common for fence manufacturers to paint their product, so it looks great in a showroom. But, once you install that fence, the paint will start to chip and need to be reapplied. At BlacklineHHP, though, our fences are NEVER painted. Instead, each vinyl fence panel is mono-extruded and manufactured to have our trademark pure black vinyl color. Even better, our vinyl fences withstand heat and sunlight for decades.

What makes vinyl fencing a low maintenance fence?

Unlike other fence materials, vinyl fences aren’t susceptible to rust or rot like a cedar fence or other type of wood. Most vinyl fences are built with aluminum parts, so there is less chance of rust on the interior parts. 

Vinyl fences are also unique from other fences in that they do not need a new stain or paint job every few years. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful fence for your beautiful yard.

Of course, vinyl fences aren’t impervious to damage or stains. But you’ll be able to wipe grass stains and dirt spots off with damp cloth and a quick rinse with a water hose.

What color options do I have with vinyl fences?

There are a number of colors available for vinyl fencing. Many people think that only wood fences offer customizable colors but dread the chore of painting the entire wood fence.

That’s what makes vinyl fences so great! You’re able to choose white, green, wood-veneer, or even black vinyl fences and avoid the headache of wood fence maintenance. Many fence owners avoid black vinyl fences because dark-colored vinyl used to chalk and distort in sunlight. But we’ve created black vinyl fences that don’t warp or chalk in sunlight.

Choose a vinyl, low-maintenance fence from BlacklineHHP!

At BlacklineHHP, we provide black vinyl fences in a variety of great styles. Unlike other vinyl product manufacturers, each BlacklineHHP product is made to last for decades in sunlight and hot weather. Whether you choose our privacy fence or ornamental fencing, your vinyl fence will look great year after year!

We’ve remained the nation’s best choice for black vinyl fences for decades! Visit our vinyl fence gallery to see pictures of our beautiful vinyl fencing designs and styles. We’ve spent the last couple of decades working with fence dealers and directly with homeowners. When you choose BlacklineHHP, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best black vinyl fence available anywhere.

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