Vinyl Fence Gate Locks

Vinyl Fence Gate Locks: Best Tips To Know While Shopping

Keeping your fence secure is important since an unsecured fence can let in unwelcome intruders. Also, wandering neighborhood kids could slip in without you noticing and get injured, which would be your fault (go figure!).

In today’s post, we’re going to go over different types of vinyl fence gate locks and some tips to keep in mind as you look for ways to keep your property fence secure and locked tight.

The types of vinyl fence gate locks & latch mechanisms

One of the first things you need to know is that there are several different types of fence gate latches & locks to consider, depending on your needs and unique situation. We’ve rounded up a list of types of fence latches that you can install on your fence without going through a lot of hassle or breaking a sweat.

Gravity gate latches

For homeowners who want to secure their vinyl fence gate with a basic but secure gate latch, the gravity latch is worthy of consideration. Gravity gate latches use gravity to close the catch and secure your vinyl fence gate. What makes this type of gate latch attractive is the fact that it is self-latching, meaning you won’t have to worry about closing the latch. When your vinyl fence gate shuts, the latch will fall into place and secure your fence from intruders or wandering kids.

For additional security, many gravity-operated latches also come with a hole in the latch so you can insert a padlock. If you do decide to secure your gate latch with a padlock, it’s important to make sure you remember the combination or carry the key.

Gravity-operated vinyl fence latches are best for DIY projects because they are quite easy to install and don’t require a lot of time or people to install correctly.

Spring-loaded gate latches

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Spring-loaded gate latches use a spring to close the gate latch. Because they are more complicated than their gravity-operated counterparts, spring-loaded gate latches are typically more expensive but often offer smoother opening and closing actions.

This type of gate latch isn’t self-closing but works by snapping the latch arm into place when pressure is placed on the spring that is responsible for securing the latch.

Similar to gravity fence latches, a spring-loaded fence gate latch is most often used on fence gates that swing inward (known as in-swinging fence gates). But, if you have an out-swinging fence gate, you can tweak the fence installation instructions slightly and be fine.

Bolt vinyl fence gate latches

Bolt latches are the type of fence latch that most people think of when envisioning a latch on a wooden or vinyl fence. Deadbolt latches are designed to work by sliding the rod into the bolt-securing slot so it holds the fence door securely in place.

For those on a budget and with little time for complicated fence latches, the bolt latches are typically the most cost-effective, allowing vinyl fence owners to browse a variety of sizes and latch material types without breaking a slim budget.

Thumb latch

Thumb latches are most commonly used for in-swinging fence gates. Thumb latches are double-sided, which means that they can open or close from either side of the fence gate. Often, thumb latches are mounted on decorative plates and are powered by a thumb depressor.

When you place your thumb on the depressor arm, the latch-arm will lift and your gate will open. If your latch arm is mounted correctly, the gate will self-latch when your thumb is no longer pressing the depressor. If you want additional security, you can choose a thumb latch that is lockable.

Ring fence latches

Ring latches are two-sided, which means they work on in-swinging and out-swinging fence gates, including vinyl fence gates. Ring latches feature a backplate and ring that, when turned, moves the larch arm out of the catch so the gate can be opened.

Lever fence latches

Lever gate latches work similarly to ring latches. When using a ring latch for your fence’s gate, you turn the ring, the gate is opened. Lever latches are opened by twisting a lever instead of a ring.

Fingertip release gate latch

If you’re looking for a simple and functional fence latch option that’s also affordable, a fingertip release latch might be for you. Whether you have a vinyl fence or another type of fence, this latch is an easy and straightforward solution to keeping your fence gate locked up tight.

Considerations When Picking A Fence Gate Latch

When you’re installing a fence, there are a number of important decisions to be made. Choosing a fence gate latch is one of those big decisions that’s worth getting right to avoid having to fix in the future. Here are some considerations to keep in mind, from whether your wood or vinyl gate is self-closing or is a one-side or double-sided gate.


Thinking about security as you browse latches is important, especially if you’re planning on building or locking up a fence surrounding your pool. Requirements for pool fencing are more than having a lockable fence. If you’re serious about keeping your pool secure for the safety of your pets or children, it’s best to also check with local fencing regulations and codes that apply to pool fencing.

Even if you don’t have a pool, proper fence security involves thinking about the type of handle you choose for your wood, metal, or vinyl fence, as well as whether it’s lockable with a padlock or similar reinforcement measure. This way, you don’t have any surprise visitors in your yard like deer, stray dogs, or neighbor kids.

When it comes to security, it’s important to consider the components that you use so you can have a heavy-duty fence that withstands an intruder’s attacks or attempts to break it down.

The Durability Of Your Latch Material

When you’re shopping for fence gate locks, think about the durability of the material options you see. Most locks and fence latches are created using high-quality metals that are designed to withstand outdoor wear-and-tear from the elements.

But it is best to take time and evaluate whether the materials you’re looking at are truly worth your money. This will help you avoid buying a good-looking brass double-gate lock that starts to rush a few weeks after you buy it.

Sliding doors?

Sliding doors are known for notorious for banging against each other, which causes enormous pressure and stress on the metal and other materials. This can eventually lead to a malfunction or failure in your fence gate. One common way around this problem is installing a gate stop, which increases the lifespan of your fence’s locking mechanism.

Gate stops are mechanisms that are installed on fences to prevent your gate from wildly swinging whenever you open it. Gate stops protect your fence gate’s hinges and latch arm from being damaged over time from the out-of-control gate swings.

Your Budget

couple planning family budget in living room

When your budget is a priority, the cost for every aspect of your fence project matters. From installation time and expenses to the cost to ship and warranty, it’s best to get a good idea of how much your fence will cost at each stage.

Sometimes, the cost of fence materials can be affected by your color choice, like whether you choose a white color or black color for your vinyl fence.

From delivery costs to shipping costs, pay attention to the cost for each piece of your fence project, so there are no surprises.

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