Beautiful Vinyl Porch Railing That’s Durable For Decades

Smart homeowners choose vinyl porch railing because it’s low-maintenance, beautiful, and durable for decades. BlacklineHHP’s black vinyl porch railing is made to endure hot summer days and high temperatures without chalking, warping, or weakening. Choose our vinyl railings for a pet-friendly, kid-friendly, easy-to-maintain vinyl fence for your home.

BlacklineHHP fences are famous throughout the United States because we pioneered heat-tolerant black vinyl fences. Our vinyl porch railings endured the sun’s UV rays without getting weaker or fading. Contact us today to get a fence quote!

Vinyl Porch Railings With Strength & Elegant Style

Over ten years ago, BlacklineHHP perfected a manufacturing process for black vinyl fencing that doesn’t warp or chalk in sunny areas. Our customers include top vinyl fence resellers, homeowners, and property owners who appreciate high-quality black vinyl fences suited to residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

We’ve relentlessly pursued superior quality in our black vinyl fences for over a decade and our customers have come to appreciate it. BlacklineHHP has become and remains a trusted brand for black vinyl fences within the fence industry. Years later, our dedication to producing unmatched quality has stayed strong and unfading – just like our vinyl fence products.

Common Questions About Our Vinyl Porch Rails

Our staff often encounters the same questions while working with fence buyers and fence dealers throughout the United States. We’ve listed the most common questions below, but if you have any other questions, contact us today!

According to, it costs $32 per foot to buy vinyl porch railing and have it installed on your deck by a professional. If you install vinyl rails yourself, the cost for materials goes down to roughly $25 per foot.

When you’re discussing vinyl porch railings, though, you should also consider the money saved on fence maintenance and care. Although the initial cost for vinyl porch railings is higher than other fence materials, the ongoing fence care costs are much, much lower. This makes vinyl fencing an affordable choice in the end.

Wooden porch railings can rot and splinter which makes it less appealing to those with pets and kids. A vinyl rail, on the other hand, will not rot or splinter. These traits alone make it a great wood fence alternative. Combined with its beautiful look, low-maintenance, and easy installation, a vinyl fence can offer a tremendous option for those buying a new fence.

Yes, of course, you can use a vinyl railing on a wood deck. In fact, we offer a vinyl rail system for porches and decks. Each vinyl railing system is designed using our proprietary, heat-tolerant vinyl fence manufacturing processes. Take a look at our available vinyl fences or contact us for help and general inquiries.

While an aluminum fence and vinyl rail system are both unlikely to mold or rust. However, a vinyl rail system has more eye appeal than an ugly aluminum fence. Each component of our vinyl porch railing system is built to be elegant and strong. From the top rail to the bottom rail, each piece and bracket of your vinyl fence is designed to look great for decades.


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We are available to answer any question you may have about black vinyl fencing.

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