Landscaping 101: Your Guide to Understanding Fences

When working on your garden’s new landscape, you’d know that no project would be complete without a fence. It’s the perfect investment to boost your home’s appeal and improve security. They may also act as a sound barrier and help increase your property value. 

Different materials and styles are available to create an attractive barrier around the property, whether you want the classic white picket or a sophisticated wrought iron fence. However, regardless of your choice, you must always ensure the border matches your house’s style to create a unified look. 

This article will enumerate the advantages of having a fence. We’ll also tackle the different styles and materials. 

Benefits of Having a Fence 

This section will enumerate why a fence remains an essential landscaping component. 

1. Ensure Safety and Security

Fences provide an extra layer of protection to ensure a property’s safety and security. They act as a barrier to keep out unwanted guests while also preventing children and pets from leaving your house. 

2. Set Clear Boundaries

A fence provides an apparent boundary between properties, preventing accidents, trespassing, and potential disputes. 

3. Improve Home Aesthetics

While a fence can be a practical investment, it can also be an attractive addition to your property. The right design and material can give a space a stronger sense of structure while increasing its visual appeal. 

4. Improve Privacy

You can create a private and peaceful garden by adding a fence. You may plant trees along the fence line to provide additional seclusion and a beautiful backdrop.  

4 Common Fence Styles

After we look at the benefits of having a fence in your home, this section will enumerate four common fence styles. 

1. Picket Fences  

This fence style gives a classic representation of small-town America, evoking a sense of history and nostalgia. Picket fences usually define a yard’s corners or edges to create a backdrop for the plants and flowers. You can find a picket fence in front of Cape Cod and colonial-style homes. 

2. Board Fences 

This fence style works best for large properties, with its vertical posts and horizontal boards having varying spacing for transparency. It defines an edge and makes the perfect seat on a summer day. 

3. Split Rail Fences

This style offers a classic, country-style look for properties in rural areas. Thanks to its hand-hewn timber, split rain fences give a property a natural look and rustic charm. This fence style can also help define a property’s perimeter and creates a garden space. 

4. Latticework Fences

This option works best if you want more coverage than a regular fence while letting in some air and light. Manufacturers craft latticework fences to create a web of thin bars from wood or metal. 

It gives you an attractive border and doesn’t obstruct the view, letting you set boundaries while bragging about the surrounding environment. 

Different Materials for Fences

After discussing the benefits of having a border and its various styles, this section will enumerate four common materials contractors use for your fence. 

1. Metal  

These fences offer a secure and discreet option for your home, which usually has a black finish and can blend in a property. 

2. Wire 

Wire fences help establish transparency, while their solid gates create a strong connection from one side to the other. 

3. Slated Wood 

A slated wood fence provides privacy and an architectural element to a backyard with varying dimensions.

4. Solid Wood  

This fence combines a modern aesthetic with softer, older materials and provides privacy and security. It’s ideal for contemporary or transitional architecture.


Fences are essential to any successful landscaping project because they provide security and visual appeal to your home. Selecting suitable materials and styles according to your house’s current style can help leave a good impression on others. 

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