Black Vinyl Solid Privacy Fence

Get A Strong, Durable Solid Privacy Fence

When you need sophistication and privacy, our solid privacy fence is the ideal vinyl fence style. Thousands of fence dealers and homeowners throughout the United States trust BlacklineHHP’s innovative manufacturing processes.

For over a decade, BlacklineHHP has created vinyl privacy fencing products that don’t compromise on strength, beauty, or durability. Contact us today to get a vinyl fence quote!



Our Solid Privacy Fence Is Just The Start

At BlacklineHHP, we are dedicated to creating the best vinyl fences in the world! Our solid privacy fence is one of our most popular fence styles, bringing modern sophistication and lasting beauty to yards throughout the United States. If you prefer another vinyl fence style, take a look at our other vinyl fence products.


Solid Privacy Fence

Our solid privacy fence is a customer favorite in our selection of superior vinyl privacy fences. It provides a modernistic yet elegant touch to your property.

Picket-Top Privacy Fence

Inspired by classic picket fences, our picket-top privacy fence adds class and beauty to your yard. Contact us today to get a privacy fence quote.

Vinyl Fence Gates

Our vinyl fence gates are made using our patented fence manufacturing process, so you get the same no-warp and no-fade guarantee. Our vinyl fence gate is the perfect addition to your vinyl fence.


Our exclusive focus on vinyl fences brings a laser focus and unparalleled quality to each of our products. Whether it’s our vinyl lattice fence, our post-and-rail fences, or our privacy fencing, every detail is created to look great and last for years.


When you’re searching for the best fence for your home, you won’t go wrong by choosing our high-quality fences. Thanks to our heat-resistant, thermoplastic formulations, your vinyl fence won’t warp or chalk in sunny weather.


Every home has its own unique style and decor. That’s why we have numerous vinyl fence styles available for you. From picket fencing and post-rail fences to ornamental rail fences and privacy fences, each fence panel is carefully crafted to last for years.


Unlike a wooden fence, our vinyl privacy fence requires less fence maintenance and keeps its beauty and strength for decades. Leave behind cedar and mahogany fences and their termites and the need for constant staining. Choose our solid privacy vinyl fence and get a worry-free fence!


Installing a wood fence can take forever, but a vinyl fence installation is much quicker. With easy-to-read instructions on post placement and assembly, our vinyl solid privacy fences will be the best fence you ever buy.


Over the years, we’ve encountered many questions from customers about our privacy fencing products. Below, we’ve listed some top questions that we encounter when speaking with customers.

You can view pictures of our beautiful 2-ranch rail vinyl fences, picket fences, and solid privacy fences in our vinyl fencing gallery.

Our vinyl fencing gallery features pictures that we’ve collected from dealers and customers throughout the United States. If you’d like to get a quote on a fence panel load or custom vinyl product, please contact us. Upon request, we can also provide more information on shipping, our limited lifetime warranty, specific costs for your required dimensions, and more!

Below is an excerpt from our limited lifetime warranty on each of our privacy fences (view full warranty here):

Blackline HHP Products, LLC. warrants its Blackline HHP brand fence and railing products to be free from defective workmanship and materials. Our warranty protects against surface peeling, rot, ground insects, splitting, corrosion, flaking, rusting, blistering, abnormal weathering, abnormal distortion or abnormal discoloration.

This warranty is limited to the original property owner for as long as they own the property where the fence is installed. The warranty period is twenty years if the fence is for a condominium or is owned by a party other than a resident owner. This includes homeowners’ associations, corporations, partnerships, unincorporated associations, churches, schools, government or public entities, etc.

If you find any listed defects in our vinyl fences, we will provide a replacement, refund the purchase price, or repair the product.

In no instance will the cost of the remedy to BlacklineHHP exceed the original purchase price of the affected product. In all cases, the product must be installed in accordance with its printed installation instructions in a workmanlike manner.

Wooden fences are cheaper upfront, but cost more in the end because of the ongoing maintenance costs and effort. With a privacy or lattice vinyl fence, you pay more initially but don’t need to do much afterward in terms of fence maintenance.

Whether it’s a picket fence or privacy fence, our innovative manufacturing processes result in a black vinyl fence that withstands hot weather.

Many people switching to a vinyl fence from the traditional wood fence appreciate the minimal maintenance and lasting beauty. Until BlacklineHHP products, vinyl fence owners were stuck with white vinyl fences since darker colors would warp and chalk in sunlight. Our products include the ideal blend colorant and UV inhibitors so fading and chalking aren’t an issue.

This heat tolerance makes BLACKline™ HHP’s a leader in the fence manufacturing industry. Our fences are superior because they’re built to last for years without warping and chalking.


Got a question?


We are available to answer any question you may have about black vinyl fencing.

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