BLACKline™hhp has developed one of the most advanced building products available in the market today. BLACKline™hhp is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Intensive research and development has revealed the ideal blend of engineered materials.

Achieving The Impossible

A major ingredient is a CPVC compound using 100% virgin material. This blend provides the only black, mono-extruded product on the market with superior UV protection, superb workability, excellent weather resistance, and high impact strength. The BLACKline™hhp compound is blended with impact modifiers, colorant, UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants, thus creating optimal UV protection and enhancing impact strength. This, in turn, achieves overall product stability.

Superior to Other Materials

BLACKline™hhp products are safe, since they’re constructed without sharp edges, and won’t rust, corrode, or require painting. As you can see, BLACKline™hhp, through chemical and mechanical engineering has created a product that is virtually maintenance free. Our products are ‘field proven’ since 2006. They continue to retain a deep, rich black color.

Superior Against Heat

BLACKline™hhp is able to resists UV rays and heat distortion up to 200 degrees F. Thus absorbing and dissipating heat while keeping its set design without melting or distortion.

Lifetime Warranty

BLACKline™hhp offers a Lifetime Warranty on all material cost. See warranty for more details. 

Ultraviolet Rays Protection

Using Carbon Black and extensive UV stabilizers our product is field proven to maintain it’s over all appearance. This process results in a lasting deep, rich even color.

Strength & Flexibility

Our product memory retains flexibility in warm and cold temperatures. It will not crack or splinter, and is designed to accommodate normal temperature swings.


We are available to answer any question you may have about black vinyl fencing.