4 Rail Vinyl Fence

Get A Black 4 Rail Vinyl Ranch Fence That Lasts For Decades

To safeguard your horses and ranch, you need the best quality ranch rail fencing available. In short, you need a BlacklineHHP 4-rail fencing!

Thousands of fence dealers and ranchers in need of a sturdy horse fence or great ranch fence trust our rail fencing. For over a decade, our vinyl 4-rail vinyl fence products have remained strong, with no warping, cracking, or fading – even in sunlight.



Our 4-Rail Rail Vinyl Fencing Is Just The Start

If you prefer 3 rails, 2 rails, or 4-rails, getting rail fencing from BlacklineHHP is the ideal solution! We uphold our high quality in all of the fencing components we create, including posts, rails, aesthetic styles, and gates.
Three Rail Ranch Horse Fence


Ideal for additional fence style and beauty, our two-rail ranch fences are a great choice. Click below to check out this ranch fence.


The three-rail ranch fence gives more height and protection to your ranch rail fences, so you have peace of mind and keep your livestock safe.


Our cross-buck ranch rail fences are manufactured to adhere to the same high standard of quality we require of all our vinyl fencing supplies.


Built using our industry-recognized manufacturing methods, our diamond-rail ranch fences provide a unique option for ranchers wanting a different fence style.

Our Vinyl 4-Rail Fencing Advantages


With BlacklineHHP’s vinyl products, you get durability and a stylish look for your property. Our heat-resistant thermoplastic formulations are why customers have chosen BlacklineHHP over the years.


With BlacklineHHP’s vinyl products, you get durability and a stylish look for your property. Our heat-resistant thermoplastic formulations are why customers have chosen BlacklineHHP over the years.


As a leading vinyl fencing manufacturer, BlacklineHHP offers various options and styles of fencing, so you can choose the model that fits your ranch. Whether you choose a two-rail ranch fence or a diamond-rail ranch fence, BlacklineHHP is first in quality.


With all of our ranch rail fencing products, all the posts and rails come with instructions for installing your new vinyl gate. Once you install your new gates, very little maintenance is needed.


Choosing a split-rail wooden fence (like cedar) means you’ll need to keep your fence treated against wood rot and other problems. Vinyl fencing, on the other hand, are virtually maintenance-free but still retain their beauty and appearance for years.


Over the years, we’ve encountered many questions from people about the vinyl 4-rail ranch fencing products we’ve manufactured for them. Below, we’ve listed some top questions that we encounter when speaking with customers. If you don’t see your question here, contact us!

A traditional choice for horse owners, the 2-rail ranch style is used on numerous ranches and farms throughout the United States. Often, you can notice the familiar 2-rail ranch fences along the side of the road.

Vinyl ranch fencing is more expensive than wooden ranch fencing due to its style, longevity, and material differences. While wooden 4-rail ranch fencing is cheaper at first, it requires much more maintenance and care. With a 4-rail ranch vinyl fence, however, you receive durable aesthetic look for decades with very little maintenance needed.

Our vinyl 4-rail ranch fencing is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a plastic-based material that is low-maintenance and won’t crack or splinter. Unlike wooden fences, vinyl ranch rail fencing does not rot, is not susceptible to insects, and does not need refinishing.

The black vinyl 4-rail ranch rail fence options from BLACKline HHP are the first fences to be successfully designed for high-temperature performance. Our 2-rail fencing is developed using a unique, high-temperature thermoplastic formulation, holding up to the summer heat with ease. Where other plastic fences sag and distort, vinyl fences from BLACKline HHP stay as strong and sturdy as the day they were installed. 

Our experience and knowledge regarding the color stability of black thermoplastic material have led to us formulating a black fencing material that doesn’t succumb to fading or chalking.

Our proprietary blend of colorant and UV inhibitors makes fading and chalking a non-issue. 

This combination of color stability and heat tolerance makes BLACKline™ HHP’s fencing superior options in the world of dark-colored fencing materials. When you choose our fencing, you get a product that will stand the test of time and look good as new for years.

While wooden rail fences are cheaper at first, they require much more care in the long run. With a vinyl fence, however, you receive durable strength for decades with very little fence care needed.

A vinyl ranch fence blends beautifully with your property but is more expensive than wooden ranch fences because of its appearance, longevity, and material differences.

Often, a customer with a ranch will choose our vinyl fencing with rails as a durable horse fence. We provide custom quotes to ensure that each customer receives a fair price for their horse fence post and rail setup.

Once you request a free fencing quote for your project, we’ll be more than happy to discuss the number of fence posts you need and the details of the weather resistance in all of our fencing. Our goal is to clearly define the value that our fencing will add to your property, complete with the right dimensions and the right price.

You can view our beautiful 4-ranch rail railing and a wide variety of our other fences, in our vinyl fencing gallery. Our gallery includes pictures submitted by fence contractors throughout the United States. If you’d like to get a quote on a fence product or custom vinyl product, please contact us. Upon request, we can also provide more information on shipping, our limited lifetime warranty, specific costs for your required dimensions, and more!

Below is an excerpt from our limited lifetime warranty on each of our ranch rails fences (view full warranty here):

Subject to the conditions and limitations listed below, Blackline HHP Products, LLC. (BLHHP) warrants its Blackline HHP brand fence and railing products to be free from defective workmanship and materials and, when subject to normal use and service, against surface peeling, rot, ground insects, splitting, corrosion, flaking, rusting, blistering, abnormal weathering, abnormal distortion or abnormal discoloration.

This warranty is limited to the lifetime of the original property owner for as long as he/she owns the real estate on which the product is applied. If the real estate to which the product is applied is a condominium or is owned by a party other than a resident owner, including homeowners’ associations, corporations, partnerships, unincorporated associations, churches, schools, government or public entities, etc., the warranty period is twenty (20) years.

If during either period, the product is found to exhibit any of the above-listed defects, BLHHP will, at its sole and absolute discretion, provide a replacement product, refund the purchase price, or repair the affected product.

In no instance will the cost of the remedy to BHHP exceed the original purchase price of the affected product. In all cases, the product must be installed in accordance with its printed installation instructions in a workmanlike manner.

According to HomeAdvisor’s 2021 analysis of the costs for vinyl fencing & PVC fencing per foot, the cost per foot for ranch rail fence (4 rail) is between $15-$25 per linear foot. The total average price that a typical 4-rail fence customer can expect to pay is between $1500-$7,500.

Thanks to vinyl’s strength and flexibility, vinyl is quickly becoming a preferred material for many ranchers, horse owners, and equestrian centers. The advantage of using vinyl for post-and-rail needs is that blows from horses, farm livestock, and equipment do not have as big of an impact on it as with other materials.

Many people interested in fencing for the cattle and livestock on their property will choose the four-ranch style because it offers the perfect height and strength. If you’re interested in purchasing a vinyl three-rail fence, please fill out the contact form on our website. One of our sales representatives will be in touch with you through email or phone as soon as possible.

As every horse owner knows, not all 4-rail fences are good for horses. For instance, barbed wire fences and square mesh fencing can entangle animals, rip their hide, or do fatal damage to their tendons and internal organs. A vinyl horse fence, on the other hand, will provide strength and durability of a post and rail without the disadvantages of wooden, barbed wire, or other fencing materials.

Every horse owner wants to offer safety and protection while keeping their animals enclosed in the yard or along the property line. There are a variety of fence materials available these days, each with its own color choices, accessory items, maintenance needs, size options, and advantages.

In many cases, building codes will determine the fencing materials you use for your farm or ranch. A good 4-rail fence keeps your horses from escaping and getting injured.

Many horse owners choose to use either white vinyl or black vinyl for their horse fence because of the unique versatility of either color. While we don’t offer white vinyl fencing, we do offer black 4-rail vinyl horse fence products. Unlike many dark-colored vinyl and PVC fences, our fences are mono-extruded, not painted. In fact, our products require no painting to achieve their lustrous black look.


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