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How BlacklineHHP Changed the Fence Industry

Other dark-colored and black vinyl fencing products usually fade and warp following long periods of exposure to direct sunlight and in high-heat temperatures. At BLACKline HHP, we developed proprietary manufacturing processes that produce black vinyl fencing products that retain their shape and strength for decades in all environments.

Gain These Advantages With Our
Black Vinyl Fencing Products

Achieving the Impossible

Decades of intense research and development have resulted in an ideal blend of fencing materials that you’ll be proud to sell to your customers.

Superior to other Materials

Our black vinyl fences are made of a mono-extruded thermoplastic material that’s designed to maximize the strength demanded in modern building projects.

A black vinyl ranch rail fence made by Blackline HHP

Superior Heat & Cold Performance

All of our black vinyl fencing products are field-proven to retain their deep color and structural integrity in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our vinyl fencing products come with a maintenance-free lifetime guarantee against defects. Our limited lifetime warranty guarantees top-quality manufacturing of the fencing materials. Read our warranty here.

Designed for Flexible Applications

Our vinyl fencing products are designed primarily for outdoor, commercial, and residential use cases. Designed for optimal impact strength and UV resistance, our vinyl fencing can accommodate a wide range of applications.
Ranch and Horse Vinyl Fence Rail

Strength & Flexibility That Lasts

Where other fencing materials fail in terms of rust and weathering, our vinyl fences retain their rich color, durable strength, and impact resilience for decades through the hottest days and coldest months.

Resources To Learn More About Our Superior Black Vinyl Fences

All of our shop drawings were developed for the ease of integration of our products into most requirements needed for a variety of applications. Spacing of rails, pickets, and posts are critical to the strength of our vinyl fencing products. Many of the drawings can be modified and adapted to commercial, residential, and industrial applications without compromising the integrity of the systems.

Call us for any questions or for revised shop drawings. You can also submit blueprints or your drawings for a free estimate. Custom designs can be created to exact specifications.




Design Flexibility

Complete “one-source” manufacturing

Custom Sections

Unique Styles


Black vinyl fencing done right.

Become a dealer with BlacklineHHP® and offer your customers the best black vinyl fencing in the industry: BlacklineHHP® vinyl fencing products.

We are proudly based in the United States and offer black vinyl fencing products that are designed to retain their strength in outdoor commercial and residential applications.

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