Frequently Asked Questions

What are BLACKline™HHP fence products made of?
BLACKline™hhp is a composite thermoplastic material formulated to maximize the strengths demanded of today’s building products. Low maintenance, attractive, durable, and resistant to fire – these are just a few of the properties that have dramatically increased the use of thermoplastic materials for fences.

The major ingredient is a rigid CPVC homopolymer compound with 100% virgin material. BLACKline™hhp products are mono-extruded, and feature impact modifiers with the highest level of colorant and UV stabilizers to protect against fading.

Are BLACKline™hhp products maintenance-free?
Tired of painting your fence every several years? Our fencing will never need repainting. Just wash it down occasionally with a garden hose. With its smooth, non-porous surface, it resists mildew in most conditions. However, when high humidity exists, it may be necessary to remove mildew with water or a mild bleach solution.
What’s the warranty on BLACKline™hhp products?
All of BLACKline™hhp’s fence products feature a maintenance-free lifetime guarantee.
Is BLACKline™hhp fencing environmentally friendly?
Over the years plastic has been seen as a major problem for the environment. However, Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) cannot be grouped into this overall “Plastic Grouping” because it is not made from 100% hydrocarbons (as is most plastic) and the manufacturing process is different. CPVC is made from a combination of crude oil, natural gas and over 60% chlorine derived from common salt. This makes it one of the most energy-efficient materials to produce. In addition, there is very little fossil fuel used in the making of CPVC so there is very little carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere during manufacturing. A large percentage of the plastic products made today are not recyclable whereas CPVC is fully recyclable and can be recycled over and over again.
Will BLACKline™hhp fences become brittle in winter?
Most thermoplastic products lose some of their flexibility in cold temperatures, but BLACKline™hhp’s products won’t break or crack unless subjected to unusual impact. They also will not warp or splinter, and are designed to accommodate normal temperature swings.
Will BLACKline™hhp fences fade or discolor?
Our fences are field-proven to maintain their deep color since they’re manufactured with extensive UV stabilizers for ultimate protection.
All outdoor products will fade over time. However, BlacklineHHP fades slowly and uniformly.

It won’t blister, rot, rust or peel and it weathers uniformly. Because color is extruded throughout the product, it doesn’t need paint or other surface treatments such as water sealants and stains. It’s also resistant to stains and isn’t affected by rock salt

What does BLACKline™hhp Railing/Fencing Cost?
Why don’t we list prices on our web site? We want to know you and understand exactly what you need to make sure you are completely satisfied, receive fair and competitive pricing and get the most out of our products. At BLACKline™hhp, we take pride in the relationships we have developed and want to have the opportunity to talk to potential customers. This helps us to be sure they are getting the right answers and products for the fencing requirements.
Why are BLACKline™hhp fence material superior to steel or aluminum products?
They’re virtually maintenance-free, and won’t rust or corrode, or require painting.
Is BLACKline™hhp Fencing safe?
Our fencing will be one of the safest parts of your home, especially if you have children. The smooth surfaces don’t have nails that can pop out or wood that can splinter. Our fencing products don’t contain lead, nor do they need the heavy metals and chemical required for treating and maintaining wood. Since our fencing doesn’t break down, there is nothing that can contaminate your soil or groundwater. They’re also designed to meet pool safety regulations.


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