Black Vinyl Diamond Rail Fence

Our Diamond Rail Fence Lasts For Decades

When you want the best black vinyl fence in the industry, choose BlacklineHHP black vinyl diamond rail fence. Just like our multi-rails ranch fencing, our diamond post and rail fence is manufactured to eliminate chalking and fading in the sunlight.

At BlacklineHHP, we create black vinyl fencing products that are engineered for heat resistance, unfading beauty, and lasting strength.

Vinyl Diamond Rail Fence Specifications

Who Says Vinyl Post And Rail Fencing Can't Be Classy?

When it comes to post-and-rail fences, most people think a wooden post-rail fence is their only choice. But, our diamond post-and-rail fence offers a classy, elegant, and – best of all – low-maintenance option. Engineered and formulated to withstand up to 200 degrees (Fº) of extreme heat temperatures. Whether you need a two-rail, diamond estate rail, or another type of post-rail fence, take a look at our post-and-rail fence options below and join hundreds of happy vinyl fence owners!

Three Rail Ranch Horse Fence


Popular among farmers and ranchers, our two-rail vinyl fence offers strength and lasting durability that every customer loves. When you want a classic yet rustic look, choose this vinyl fence!



When you need protection for your livestock or property boundary, our three-rail vinyl fences are ideal. Our vinyl fences don’t rot or warp in sunlight, giving your strength and beauty for decades.



Perfectly suited for use as a horse fence or ranch rail fence, our vinyl ranch rail fences provide heat-resistant strength and beauty. Click here for more information and specifications.



Our vinyl crossbuck fence is engineered to offer more strength and durability without compromising on beauty or heat resistance.



Whether it’s a horse fence or a DIY fencing project, every diamond post-rail fence is manufactured and reinforced with aluminum brackets and strong vinyl posts. With our mono-extruded, thermoplastic vinyl fence posts, your diamond post-rail fence will be strong for years.


We provide many fence styles, including ranch rail, horse fence, ornamental, and privacy fences to suit any project. From homes and business uses to industrial and agricultural uses, our black vinyl fences are manufactured to look amazing and keep their strength.


Modern buyers choose vinyl fences over wooden fence options like cedar because it requires less fence maintenance. Instead of dealing with rot and mold, vinyl fence owners get a low-maintenance fence that stays strong and beautiful for decades.


Forget spending long hours building a backyard fence or horse fence. Instead, choose our vinyl fences and receive the best value in premium vinyl fencing. We provide easy-to-follow assembly instructions, ground clearing, and post digging information, so your fence install is easy.


We get many questions from customers about our diamond post-rail fences, fence price calculations, and fast shipping rates. Below, we’ve listed some top questions about our crossbuck vinyl fence products below. If you don’t see your question here, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to give you an answer.

In the past, horse owners chose wood diamond post-rail fences. However, few people have the time needed to paint, sand, and stain their fences to keep up the style and curb appeal. This makes vinyl fencing an attractive choice for those who realize the value included in the price of a vinyl fence.

We are able to accommodate most requests for custom vinyl fencing. Please contact us so our sales team can provide a quote.

For our 2-rail, diamond fences, privacy fences, and other fencing, we include assembly instructions and installation guidelines.

Our specialty is black vinyl fencing products. Unlike many other dark-colored fences, our vinyl fences are manufactured to be heat-resistant and do not chalk or warp in sunlight. Whether it’s 3-rail, 2-rail, diamond rail, or another type of vinyl fencing, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best quality.

Our premium vinyl fences come in a range of fence styles, including ornamental vinyl fences, post-rail vinyl fences, and other vinyl fences. Contact us to learn more about our top-quality vinyl fences!

Many fence companies sell dark-colored vinyl fencing that is painted black. For a while, these fences look nice. But, as heat and time wear on the fence, the cheap painting job will show as your fence begins to chip, crack, and require more painting and maintenance.

BlacklineHHP’s vinyl fences aren’t painted black but are developed from pure black vinyl and engineered to stay lasting strength in high-heat temperatures. Our 2-rail, diamond post-rail, and privacy fences are all engineered to maintain their classic, elegant beauty for decades. Perfect for pets, children, and livestock, our vinyl fences are the perfect option for your property!

Yes, BlacklineHHP offers vinyl fence gates with locks and other accessories. We design and manufacture each gate to fit seamlessly with our other vinyl products. This way, whether you choose a rustic fence with rails or a classy privacy fence, you’ll always get the best fence quality and price!

To best serve customers in search of the perfect two-rail, diamond, or privacy fence, we provide tailored fence quotes, rather than an online account that you sign into or an online shopping cart. Instead, when you contact our sales team, we’ll address any comments and questions you have and design the perfect quote for your needs.

As a leading vinyl fence manufacturer, we provide fence dealers and property owners with premium black vinyl fencing products that remain strong and beautiful for decades. Superior to wood rails and posts, our privacy fences, 2-rail, diamond, and ornamental vinyl fences are ideal for those who want to complement their home design with classy elegance.

Contact us today to get your vinyl fence with the perfect length and design for your needs! We’re open during standard business hours on the weekdays. You can contact us through our website contact form or by calling our phone number. Feel free to check out our blog and recent news too – we’d love to hear your comments!


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