Black Vinyl Gates

Heat-Resistant, Strong Gates For Your Property

Our vinyl gates are engineered using the same proprietary formula as our vinyl fencing products so they stay strong in direct sunlight and through harsh weather conditions. When you want a black vinyl fence that complements your yard, choose BlacklineHHP!

Why Our Black Vinyl Gates Are Ideal

Just like your search for the perfect fence for your property, finding a good gate means browsing various gate styles, prices, brands, and pros and cons of each fencing material, like wood, aluminum, and vinyl. If you decide to use BlacklineHHP’s low-maintenance, durable black vinyl fencing for your yard, you’ll want a BlacklineHHP vinyl gate to complement it.

Superior Strength

A good gate is more than strong: it’s durable and strong as well. With BlacklineHHP’s vinyl products, you get durability and a stylish look for your property. Our heat-resistant thermoplastic formulations are the reason why customers have chosen BlacklineHHP again and again over the years.

Numerous Options

As a leading manufacturer of superior vinyl products, BlacklineHHP offers various options and styles of gates so you can choose the model that fits your fence, whether you have a vinyl privacy fence, a ranch and rail fence, or any other style.

Easy Installation

Just like with our vinyl fence products, each model of our vinyl gates comes with instructions for installing your new vinyl gate. Once you install your new gate, very little maintenance is needed.

Common Questions About Our Our Black Vinyl Gates

Is a vinyl fence gate worth it?

Just like a vinyl fence, a viny gate costs much less in the long run than other types of gates. While the prices for a vinyl fence can be slightly higher than other types of fences, the reduced costs for ongoing maintenance let you make up the difference in the long run.

Don't vinyl fences look tacky?

Not a bit, although it's the quality of the vinyl fence that determines whether it looks "tacky" or not. Often, those who see cheap prices on a vinyl fence will get a cheap vinyl fence that cracks, warps, or fades and looks tacky. That doesn't happen with a BlacklineHHP fence or gate.

Can't I just paint my vinyl gate black?

Sure, but the paint will usually just peel off and leave you with an ugly fence. Our black vinyl fence and gate products are pure black, not just painted black. It's this integrity and attention to detail that our happy customers have learned to expect when buying from BlacklineHHP.

Browse Our Vinyl Gate Gallery

All of our shop drawings were developed for the ease of integration of our products into most requirements needed for a variety of applications. Spacing of rails, pickets, and posts are critical to the strength of our vinyl fencing products. Many of the drawings can be modified and adapted to commercial, residential, and industrial applications without compromising the integrity of the systems.

Call us for any questions or for revised shop drawings. You can also submit blueprints or your drawings for a free estimate. Custom designs can be created to exact specifications.



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We are available to answer any question you may have about black vinyl fencing.

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