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Vinyl Fences: Colors To Boost Your Yard’s Style [2021]

The triple benefit of low-maintenance, lasting durability, and beautiful style is why so many homeowners are traditional fencing materials like wood with vinyl fencing.

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re looking for decorating ideas for vinyl fences, colors to complement your home’s style, and more! Well then, this article is for you!

Although a wooden fence may be the traditional route for homeowners, a vinyl fence has numerous benefits that a wood fence can’t provide, like:

  • Low maintenance: Wooden fences need regular cleaning and staining to look great. Vinyl fences look great for decades – needing nothing more than an occasional wash with your garden hose.
  • Great aesthetic style: Wood fences are reminiscent of times past, which many homeowners want. However, vinyl fences can be customized with various looks, like a walnut wood grain.
  • Longevity: Wooden fences are cheaper upfront, but vinyl fences are made to look beautiful for years with very low fence maintenance needed. Sure, it costs more upfront. But you get what you pay for.

Do all vinyl fences come in white?

BlacklineHHP - Instagram - Happy Customer - Black Vinyl Fences - Black Vinyl Fencing
Yes, it’s possible to get a great vinyl fence in black! Image Credit: Blackline Instagram

Back in the day, vinyl fences were only available in white. The prevalence of white vinyl fences in the past has caused many people to miss out on other vinyl fence color options. Often homeowners think if they choose a vinyl privacy fence or vinyl ranch fence, they will have to settle for the most basic of fence colors: white.

However, while a white vinyl fence is definitely available still, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Although white is one of the more popular vinyl fence colors, other options include tan, gray, wood grain, black and many other color combination choices.

So, let’s dive into each fence color, so you can start building a great outdoor style for your home…

White: The Classic Vinyl Fence Color

White Vinyl Fence Color
Image Credit: Home Depot

A white vinyl fence has long been the trademark of American homes. This classic fence color can look great with either a dark-colored or light-colored outdoor style. Many people choose a picket fence, so they can add a traditional look to their home. The white picket fence goes back to the colonial era, adding a cute flair to your yard.

Another great thing about getting a white vinyl fence is that they don’t block your view of the grass or, if you have a garden, your beautiful flowers. When you use a pair-able color like white for your vinyl fence, you’ll be able to use almost any color as an accent.

Black: The Elegance & Classy Fence Color

Black Vinyl Fence Color - Black Vinyl Fence Colors - BlacklineHHP
Image Credit: BlacklineHHP Instagram

In interior design, the color black is used to build contrast and calming environments. While most people choose a white vinyl fence for their yard, black vinyl fencing is quickly becoming popular because of its elegant, forgiving shade. In website design, black is used to represent elegance, premium luxury, and the highest quality. It’s no surprise, then, that black is becoming one of the most popular vinyl fence colors – next to white.

Do black vinyl fences fade or chalk in sunlight and heat?

A common myth about vinyl fencing is that black vinyl fence colors will chalk in direct sunlight. This was true in the past, but BlacklineHHP fixed these problems with vinyl fencing over a decade ago.

Since then, BlacklineHHP has remained the go-to source for fence dealers and people who need black vinyl fencing products. Our heat-resistant vinyl fences have opened up many fence color and decorative fence style options for customers who were tired of seeing white vinyl fences everywhere and wanted something different for their yard.

Tan: The Neutral Fence Color To Fit Any Style

Tan and white vinyl fence colors
Image Credit: Home Depot

Neutral colors are used in interior design to add warmth and subtle contrast to a room. When you’re browsing vinyl fence styles, choosing a neutral fence color like tan lets you add a hint of contrast to your yard.

You’ll rarely see vinyl fences colored entirely tan. Instead, most people choose white posts with tan so the fence style is one of subtle contrast – not a boring tan blob on your property.

Wood Grain: A Wood Fence Without The Maintenance

Wooden Grain - Vinyl Fence Colors
Image Credit: Legend Vinyl Fencing

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up the rich look of a walnut wood grain when you choose to buy a vinyl fence. Modern fence manufacturers can now create vinyl fence panels that mimic the appearance of wood fences. This way, you get the aesthetics of wood fencing with the benefits of vinyl fence maintenance.

Gray: The Understated But Cool Fence Color

Gray Vinyl Fence Color - Gray Vinyl Fence Colors
Image Credit: Mills Fence

Although gray probably isn’t the first color you think of when talk about vinyl fence styles, it’s a hallmark color among interior designers. Light gray is paired with darker colors while darker gray add an exquisite look to any room. Whether it’s a vinyl privacy fence or vinyl railing fence, pairing a gray vinyl fence with bold colors will give your property a truly custom appearance.

Red: This Vinyl Fence Color Commands Attention

Red Vinyl Fence Colors
Image Credit:

Ah, I bet you didn’t know that you could get a RED vinyl fence…

Of course, most people these days know that a vinyl fence can be used in many of the same ways as a wooden fence. And that includes getting it colored red. Before you buy a red vinyl fence though, be sure to check a fence company’s Google reviews.

That way, as you’re browsing a fence company’s showroom pictures, you know whether they will give you the highest quality.

Combine Fence Color Styles For Extra Pop

Tan and white vinyl fence colors combo
Image Credit: GreenWay Fence

Why stick to one fence color? Most vinyl fence manufacturers offer multi-colored vinyl fences, such as orangey red and black or tan and white. Many people know the benefits of vinyl decking so choosing a vinyl post-and-rail fence or privacy fence is a logical next step. Vinyl fences are especially great if you’re concerned about safety, especially for young kids, horses, and animals.

Green: The Fresh & Natural Vinyl Fence Color

Green Vinyl Fence Colors
Image Credit: Derkson Fencing

All good things are green: like leaves, emeralds, and money.

Well, I guess some snakes are green too….

Just forget that “all green things are good” comment and focus on that amazing green vinyl fence.

Although you won’t find green fence colors in our online showroom pictures, if you do decide to choose a green vinyl fence, visit Google images and search for the nearest, most affordable fence manufacturer near you!

Yellow: The Vinyl Fence Color With Zest

Yellow Vinyl Fence Colors
Image Credit: Priority Fence

Although we don’t stock yellow vinyl fencing at BlacklineHHP, you can easily contact a great vinyl fence company online who can sell you the highest quality yellow vinyl fencing you want for your house. Just be sure to check their Google reviews so you know if they’re really a great fence company.

Brown: The Earthy Vinyl Fence Color

Brown Vinyl Fence Color

Image Credit: King Fence

A brown vinyl fence can add an earthy tone to your property. If you live in a wooded area, having a brown vinyl fence can help your property line blend in with your surrounding environment while still marking the boundary line.

In interior design, brown is known as a homely, complementary color that’s often paired with brighter colors like pink, cream color, and teal.  If you already have a lot of wood furniture in your outdoor area, a brown vinyl fence will fit right in but save you the maintenance work that wooden fencing would require from you.

Stone: The Vinyl Fence Color For Modern-Day Castles

Stone vinyl fence color and texture

Image Credit: Hoover Fence

We’ve all heard that our home is our castle. And now, you can get a vinyl fence manufactured with a stone appearance. Whether you hire a fence contractor or install it yourself, a vinyl stone fence adds to the appearance and beauty of your house.

I mean, don’t we all want to live in a castle?

Get The Highest Quality Black Vinyl Fencing with BlacklineHHP

Black Vinyl Rail Fence Color - BlacklineHHP Vinyl Fences

Image Credit: BlacklineHHP Instagram

Within our company, we pursue quality in every vinyl product we create, whether it’s our vinyl fencing, our vinyl railing, or our vinyl gates. We want your new vinyl fence to look awesome and match your home’s decor perfectly.

That way, when you invite guests and friends over, they’ll have an awesome experience in your outdoor areas. Check out our lattice-top privacy fence and other vinyl fence styles or contact us to get fence pricing information. Either way, our company is here to help you create a great experience outdoors with a vinyl fence.

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