Solid Black Vinyl Privacy Fence in Backyard

5 Vinyl Fencing Uses in Your Backyard (Beyond Just Privacy)

Fences are an essential part of any back garden, front yard, or deck. They look great, provide increased safety and security, and help define your property’s boundaries and limits. But vinyl fencing isn’t just about marking territory and creating safe barriers.

There is a whole range of practical uses for vinyl fencing around your home — some of which you may not have thought about before. Read on and take a look at what you can achieve with vinyl fencing in your backyard.

Protect your privacy

Let’s get the most well-known fencing benefit out of the way first: privacy.
A vinyl fence around your backyard is a simple and attractive way of avoiding being overlooked, preventing prying eyes and nosy neighbors, and allowing you and your family to enjoy total peace of mind while enjoying time outside.

Hide garbage cans

However, you paint them, garbage cans can be an unsightly blight on your property — whether ruining the view of your perfectly manicured backyard or destroying your curb appeal. Installing a privacy fence for trash cans is an excellent way to keep them out of sight and preserve the pristine look of your yard.

You can hide garbage cans with your main vinyl fence, and add side access to ensure that they are still easy to get to. If your main fence isn’t suitable, you can even create an extra enclosure or partial fence at the right angle.

Conceal AC units

AC units are another potential eyesore, dragging down the overall aesthetic of your property. Again, constructing a simple vinyl fence to hide an air conditioner is an easy and practical way to make sure your yard looks beautiful.

And if you’re looking to hide an AC unit with fencing, remember that it doesn’t have to enclose it completely! A small, flexible fencing section — painted attractively — will do the trick nine times out of ten. A fence to hide an air conditioner can also serve a dual purpose: concealing an outdoor shower, for example, or helping hide trash cans.

Grow plants for a greener, prettier yard

For the more green-fingered types out there, vinyl fencing can be a fantastic way to create more real estate for propagation and planting. Expanding your garden by growing upwards is a great way to bring even more color to your backyard and make your vinyl fence look even more picturesque.
Look for climbing or trailing plants like wisteria or morning glory, or even just flowers or vegetables that need stable support, like roses or tomatoes. These plants will flourish up against your fencing, and add a whole extra dimension to your garden. It’ll free up space in your pots, planters, and trellises, too.

Use your vinyl fence to reduce noise and wind

Using vinyl fencing to protect your property from unwanted intruders might be a given, but using fencing to keep out the natural elements might be slightly less noticeable.

If placed correctly, vinyl fencing can act as a windbreak — protecting fragile plants in your garden. It can also be a brilliant way to block out noise from the street or neighboring properties.

Better still, vinyl is incredibly durable — that’s just one of its many benefits. Whatever the weather has to throw at it, your vinyl fencing will stay strong for years.

Ready to learn more?

Vinyl fencing is an attractive and incredibly flexible choice for homeowners looking to add the finishing touches to their home and backyard. While privacy and security might be the main reasons to put up a fence, with vinyl fencing, it’s possible to achieve so much more.

If you’re interested in discovering more, get in touch with Blackline HHP. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts will be able to help you make your backyard dreams a reality!

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