Installing a vinyl fence on your property can increase your home’s privacy, safety, and curb appeal. When you’re choosing the best fence for your home, vinyl is the most worry-free option. A vinyl fence can add some space between your home and the noisy street or make sure your pet stays on your property. But, there are some important considerations to keep in mind as you prepare to install your vinyl fence.

Mark your property boundaries

It’s essential to mark your property lines before you install your vinyl fence. By marking your property boundaries, you’ll avoid disputes with your neighbor and encroachments. An encroachment means that you are intruding on your neighbor’s land. If you decide to sell your home, you must disclose any encroachments to potential buyers. This may make potential homebuyers nervous about purchasing your home.

To find your property boundaries, look at the boundaries in your registered property survey. If you don’t have a copy, check with your local property records or engineering department. If the survey on record is outdated, you can hire a surveyor to develop an updated property survey.

Contact local utility companies

At least 3 days before you start digging your post holes, call 811. This notifies local utility companies and confirms the location of underground utility systems. You may also be able to submit your request online using the Call 811 website, depending on your state.

Call or make an online request with Call 811 and be sure to do this at least 3 days before you dig. Wait for confirmation from your local utility companies before you start digging your post holes.  After they confirm the locations of any underground systems, you can start digging your fence’s post holes.

Check municipal zoning laws

After contacting your local utility companies, it’s a good idea to check local zoning laws. Cities and counties use zoning laws to restrict how property is used in certain areas. Your local zoning laws may restrict the height, placement, and material of your fence. Your local building inspector can ensure your fence is compliant with zoning codes.

Get a fence permit

Depending on your local zoning laws, you may need to get a permit for your fence before you install your vinyl fence. Fence permits are usually obtained from either the county or the city.

Where you get a permit depends on whether you live in an incorporated or unincorporated city. Incorporated cities have their own system of government and elected officials. In an incorporated city, you would contact your city for a fence permit.

Unincorporated cities do not have their own government or officials. In this type of city, you’d get your fence permit from the county. If you’ve hired a fencing company to install your fence, they may be able to manage the permit process for you.

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