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What Are the Things to Avoid When Installing Vinyl Fences

If you find it challenging to keep your pets in place, you need vinyl fencing. It will prevent wayward dogs from wandering away from areas reserved for them. 

But that is not the only advantage of putting this type of fence. Vinyl fencing can also keep your little angels within the safety of your property. However, it is wise if you are careful when installing them. 

Here are some of the things that you should avoid when setting it up:

Shallow Holes between Poles

Make sure to dig holes for the vinyl fencing’s base about two inches deep. That is the height at which the box is. Make sure that you set up the fencing on a flat and level surface.

Dogs tend to dig up the ground to look for food and do their business. You might want to spell out what you want them to do. It would be best if you spelled out what they should not do to do that. These holes may not be deep enough to discourage them from digging.

It would be best if you went for deep holes that will serve as a barrier to throw light on the problem. The deep holes will make it impossible for dogs to dig up the hole on the vinyl fencing.

Close Vinyl Sections

Vinyl sections are best used in areas where you do not need a close fence. Make sure that you close this vinyl fencing to make a space where your pets will not be able to go.

Many people who use vinyl fence sections do not close them down. It is basically to create a shelf where the fence sections are. If you do not close it tight, dogs will be able to get through the holes. They can even jump through the fence and cause harm to themselves if the vinyl fencing is high.

Some dog owners think that they are safe when they close the sections of their vinyl fencing too tightly. They believe that it is an excellent way to keep their dogs within the confines of their yard. However, if you close the sections too tightly, your dogs might be harmed.

It would be wise if you did not close the vinyl sections too tightly to ensure that air can flow freely. Keep dogs away from sharp objects that might harm them in the long run.

Stress and Buckling

Dogs can be nervous when they are kept in small spaces. They might feel uneasy and stressed, and they might even jump on the vinyl fences. It might cause buckling in the fence.

Make sure that you do not leave holes in the vinyl fencing. They will not be able to play and jump around if they are not allowed to go from one place to another. Vinyl fencing should not be used to create a small space that your dogs can play in. It should only serve as a barrier to them.

Leaving holes in the vinyl fencing could mean dogs were wandering away from the property. They may even jump through the fence to get to the other side. They will get hurt or even killed if your vinyl fence is high.


Vinyl fencing is best when you want your dogs and kids to be safe. Besides, it does not require much effort to install. However, there are some things that you need to avoid to ensure that you will get the most out of them.

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