A Flexible Choice: All of the Basics about Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is universally hailed by contractors and homeowners alike because of its flexibility and durability, but what is it exactly? What does it look like? And who is it for?

Vinyl fencing is a material composed of a soft, plastic, synthetic filament stretched into a mesh. It is available in a number of colors, styles, and heights and is typically made out of a rigid plastic mesh. The mesh-like material is then molded into a variety of shapes, including squares, diamonds, rectangles, and even a chicken wire texture.

There are several advantages to vinyl fencing. For one, it is easy to install; in most cases, it takes no more than a couple of days at the absolute most. It is also less expensive than wood or metal fencing, even though it can last for decades.

As mentioned before, it’s also flexible and durable, which makes it great for a variety of applications, including inside of homes and covering DIY projects.

Its Major Features

Vinyl fencing can come in different thicknesses, so you can choose something that is suitable for your yard or space. The most commonly used materials are in the 0.35 mm and 0.45 mm classes. At this level, it is easily bendable yet sturdy enough to withstand the elements. However, it is also available at a thicker level of 0.65 mm.

The thicker material is reserved for industrial fencing, where it is used to cover construction sites. Most people, however, choose a thinner gauge, which comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Vinyl fencing is also extremely versatile. It can be used for good old, decorative fencing, as a barrier for increased safety, limiting distractions for a pet in a yard, or keeping out any unwanted trespassers. This is due to its ability to be coiled and crumpled up, making it flexible yet sturdy enough to withstand impacts and the elements. It can also withstand weight as well; a single sheet can hold up to 100 pounds.

The versatile nature of this fencing is one of the main reasons why it has been such a hit over the years. It is also a good fencing option for people who are looking to cover large projects, like a home improvement or remodeling project. It is a quick and easy solution, and it is relatively inexpensive, too.

You can also outfit your vinyl fencing with gates, which can make it even more utilitarian or decorative, depending on your needs. Gates are unique in that they are attached to the fencing with hinges, making them easy to open and close.

How Do I Maintain My Vinyl Fencing?

1. Even though it is a durable material, vinyl fencing does require regular upkeep. You should clean it at least once a year to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. Vinyl fencing should be cleaned with a mild dishwashing liquid and water, but be sure to rinse it off well and dry it before putting it away.

2. After cleaning, you’ll want to re-coat your vinyl fencing. This will help it resist moisture and the elements, which will help it stay strong, firm, and beautiful.

3. If you want to protect your fence from the elements, try painting your fence with a product like Rust-Oleum Deck & Fence Coating. It will help you protect your fence, and it has a fresh scent that will leave your place smelling fresh and clean.


Vinyl fencing is undoubtedly one of the best fencing options out there. It is easy to install, great for a number of applications, and can protect your property. Plus, it’s flexible enough to withstand the elements and the wear and tear that comes with the territory.

Invest in them and ensure the safety of your own home and family.

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