Can You Spot Your New Fence Among These Vinyl Fence Styles?

Are you looking for a rust-free, splinter-free fence? Vinyl fences are the answer. Vinyl fencing has surged in popularity in recent years, offering a crisp, clean, and maintenance-friendly alternative to traditional wood and aluminum options. The versatility of vinyl goes beyond mere practicality; it’s a canvas of creativity with a variety of vinyl fence styles to choose from. Whether you desire a quaint picket fence or a solid barrier ensuring privacy, the world of vinyl fencing has something to cater to every aesthetic taste. 

Traditional Picket Fence Style 

The picket fence is akin to the proverbial apple pie when it comes to symbolizing classic Americana. With its evenly spaced vertical boards, the traditional picket fence is the epitome of quaint charm. It’s a style that whispers rather than shouts, providing a subtle boundary while maintaining an open view.  

At BlacklineHHP, we offer a lattice-top privacy fence so you pair the classic beauty of a picket fence with the benefits of a modern vinyl privacy fence. When you want an elegant space, the lattice-top vinyl fence is perfect. Our privacy fences enclose your yard with unyielding strength that lasts through harsh weather and sunlight. Contact us today for a free, fast quote!

Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is fast becoming a preferred fence style, offering seclusion with a sleek, modern aesthetic. Our commitment to manufacturing superior vinyl privacy fences means that each or our privacy fences comes with a lifetime warranty on material costs, UV protection, strength and durability, and no chalking or distortion in sunlight.

Semi-Privacy Fence

The semi-privacy fence offers a friendly compromise with spaced boards, allowing for both airflow and a degree of privacy. It’s the socialite of fence styles, encouraging neighborly chats over the garden hedge, yet providing enough seclusion to relax in your yard in peace.

Like our full privacy fences, we have horizontal semi-private fence styles and vertical semi-private fence styles, so you find your desired look for your outdoor area. 

Lattice Top Fence

With a lattice top fence, your yard becomes a work of art, adorned with a touch of architectural intrigue. The open-weave design of the lattice crowns your fence with an artistic flair, creating a picturesque frame for your outdoor living space.

We don’t compromise on quality in our lattice-top vinyl fencing. As a leader in the vinyl fence industry, we provide a wide range of fencing styles and size options so you can customize your vinyl fence for your yard.

Ranch Rail (or Split Rail) Fence Style

The ranch rail fence, with its earthy aesthetics, transports you to the serene countryside, no matter where you reside. Its simple design is a nod to a bygone era, offering a rustic charm that harmoniously complements natural landscapes. We offer four vinyl fence styles within our ranch rail fence styles:

Like all BlacklineHHP vinyl fencing, our ranch rail fence styles are engineered for heat resistance, unfading beauty, and lasting strength.

Pool Fence

A pool fence is the sentinel that never sleeps, providing an unyielding vigil over your pool area. Its clear visibility ensures safety while its sleek design complements the cool allure of shimmering waters.

Customization Options

The realm of vinyl fencing is rich with customization options. From a palette of colors to a variety of textures and cap designs, tailoring your fence to mirror your vision is a breeze. Whether you desire a modern monochrome or a wood grain texture, the world of vinyl fencing is your oyster.

Choose BlacklineHHP for superior vinyl fences

For over a decade, we’ve built and sold high-heat-performance vinyl fencing that doesn’t crack, fade, or warp in harsh weather conditions. When you’re ready to buy your vinyl fence, contact us and speak with our sales team to find the perfect color and style for your yard.

  • Advanced Building Products: BlacklineHHP has developed some of the most advanced fencing products available in the market today, which are suitable for both residential and commercial applications 1 .
  • Longevity: The fencing products are designed to stand the test of time, ensuring durability and long-term value.
  • Engineered Materials: Decades of research and development have resulted in a blend of engineered materials that contribute to the quality and durability of their fences.
  • Superiority Over Other Materials: Unlike traditional dark-colored vinyl fences which could warp or distort in harsh weather conditions or high temperatures, BlacklineHHP’s proprietary manufacturing process eliminates such issues.
  • Heat Resistance: Their fencing products can resist UV rays and heat distortion up to 200°F, absorbing and dissipating heat without melting or distorting.
  • Lifetime Warranty: A lifetime warranty is provided on all material costs, indicating confidence in the product’s longevity and quality.
  • Ultraviolet Rays Protection: The use of carbon black and extensive UV stabilizers allows their fencing products to pass rigorous field tests, maintaining their overall appearance and rich color even when exposed to sunlight.
  • Strength & Flexibility: The fences retain flexibility in both warm and cold temperatures, and are designed not to crack or splinter, accommodating normal temperature fluctuations while maintaining their structural integrity.
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