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Debunking 7 Myths About Vinyl Fences and the Truth Behind Them

Vinyl fences typically require very little maintenance. You never need to paint or stain them because the material doesn’t scratch easily or absorb dirt. You can just hose off the surface if it gets dirty. You also don’t have to worry about splinters as you do with a wood fence if you have kids or pets.

Notwithstanding, there remain myths and misconceptions about vinyl fences, and we’re here to uncover the truths today.

MYTH #1: Vinyl Fences Aren’t As Strong As Other Fences

Vinyl fences are safe and extremely durable. There’s no reason why it won’t last as long as a wooden fence. Vinyl fences are also very sturdy and can withstand strong winds and other weather elements. And if you want to add a little personality to your fence, many types of vinyl fences come in very bright colors.

MYTH #2: Vinyl Fences Need Regular Maintenance

Vinyl fences don’t need much maintenance, but you do need to make sure there are no cracks or holes in the fence. If there are any, you need to fix them right away. Other than that, you should be good.

When you do need to patch a vinyl fence, you’ll find that the material is easy to cut and repair. Vinyl fences are also very lightweight, making them easy to move around and install.

MYTH #3: Vinyl Fences Need Special Tools And Equipment To Repair Them

Many vinyl fences are designed to be easily repaired. Few of them require special tools or pieces that can only be purchased at specialty stores. You can repair most vinyl fences with the tools you already have in your house.

MYTH #4: Vinyl Fences Can’t Handle Cold Weather Well

Vinyl fences are sturdy enough to withstand cold weather conditions. They’re also moisture-resistant, so they’re great for snowy climates. If you want to make your fence more sturdy, consider coating it with a special sealant or using a primer before staining it.

MYTH #5: Vinyl Fences Won’t Last As Long As Wood Fences

Vinyl fences can last a very long time, depending on your climate and the temperature levels in your area. Moreover, the material is fairly flexible, so it has a lot of give in case of an accident and won’t easily break. Vinyl fences are as sturdy as wooden fences, and you also have the option of selecting one treated with UV protectants to make it even more durable.

MYTH #6: Vinyl Fences Are Bad for the Environment

Vinyl fences are great for the environment. They’re made from recycled materials and can be cleaned with a hose. Moreover, they never need to be painted or stained, and they don’t need to be replaced often either. It is a great choice for those who care about wildlife and the environment.

MYTH #7: Vinyl Fences Are Expensive

Vinyl fences are inexpensive, but they can also be very affordable. Prices vary depending on the type of fence you choose, but they generally won’t cost more than a couple of hundred dollars. This can include the labor for installation too. If you have an already existing fence, you may consider simply adding a vinyl fence.


Vinyl fences are a great option to add a little privacy to your home. They’re very secure and great for kids and pets. A do-it-yourself vinyl fence is also a great way to save money on labor and installation. You might be surprised by how much money you can save by doing it yourself.

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