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Fence Lighting Ideas & 5 Questions About Outdoor Lighting

Installing fence lighting in your yard or around your property is an excellent way to not only improve the beauty of your yard but the security of it as well. This is why homeowners spend hours looking at fence lighting ideas. With the right outdoor lighting, your yard will look amazing and your home will have an increased curb appeal.

Types of Fence Lighting

As you shop around for the perfect fence light ideas for your outdoor space, it’s worth knowing that there are many different types of lighting options available. There are a number of factors that influence whether a particular type of fence light is best for you so keep reading to learn more.

Fence Lighting

This wooden fence has lantern-style fence lighting and a lattice-top fence style. Source: Pinterest

The first type of outdoor lighting is fence lighting and can be for a pool fence or a yard fence. On those moonlit nights where the weather is absolutely gorgeous, fence lighting can add a welcoming ambiance to your yard. Fence lighting is a great way to quickly and affordably start sprucing up your yard.

Solar Fence Lighting

When it comes to fence lighting ideas, many shoppers use to choose the perfect fit for their home. Image Source: Wayfair

As environment-conscious products become popular, using solar-powered lights for fencing has grown among homeowners. Choosing solar fence lighting helps you make sustainable choices while also reducing your electricity bill every month. If you also take advantage of claims and grants, choosing solar-powered lights can result in substantial savings for you.

Deck Lighting

Adding the right lights to your deck can complement the rest of your deck decor. Photo source: Decks R Us

Another part of fence and deck improvements is deck lighting. When the weather is right and you’re entertaining guests, having great lights on your fence and deck will create a welcoming environment in your backyard. This is why landscape lighting has taken off in recent years. Often, people put up light fixtures that have motion sensors so the lights come on only when someone is there. This lets you save on electricity instead of letting your deck lights stay on all night.

Outdoor Space Lights

Creating a great deck can be rewarding once you’re able to sit and enjoy the view! Image source: Pinterest

So far, we’ve talked about fence lights, deck lights, and solar-powered lights. But, if you’re looking for general lighting that will work for any type of outdoor space, it’s best to look at outdoor lights.

When you’re hosting a BBQ or house parties at night, outdoor lights are essential to keep the party going. It’s particularly important to install outdoor lights along pathways or next to entrances so your guests can easily find their way around.

There are a few different types of outdoor lights to consider, depending on where you want to use them:

  1. Overall lighting: This type of lighting is designed to light up an entire room or space.
  2. Task lighting: This refers to using lighting for a specific purpose, like lighting up a path.
  3. Accent: Using floodlights or spotlights to highlight an area or object.

Waterproof Pool Fence Lights

The right pool lights can make your pool an inviting place at any time of day (or night). Photo source: Pinterest

On the opposite side of solar fence lights are fence lights for pools. Waterproof pool fence lights help you add class and elegance to your pool at night. They improve your visibility and increase the property value and the curb appeal of your home as well.

Because most pool lighting products are LED, waterproof, and designed for energy efficiency, you don’t have to worry that your late nights in the pool will cause a skyrocketing bill at the end of the month.

Low Voltage Fence Lights

The right lights for your outdoor space will boost your home’s curb appeal. Image source: Family Handyman

Low-voltage lighting is often used as a type of accent lighting, highlighting plants and pathways. When you’re guests or family are trying to navigate through your yard in the dark, illuminated pathways and entrances will make it easy.

Fence Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Property

One of the biggest concerns when shopping for fence lighting is getting a good idea of how your fence lighting will look in your outdoor area. Most people use Pinterest and Google image searches to get fence lighting ideas or decide on how they want to hang lights over their deck or outdoor area.

If this describes you, don’t worry! We’re going to give you a couple of ideas on how you light up your vinyl fence or outdoor area so it sets the tone and environment you want for your outdoor area.

Hang outdoor lights from your fence

Image source: Feather & Stripes

If you have a wooden fence, you can hang LED outdoor lights as in the picture above. Many homeowners also use lights as outdoor lights, since they’re more efficient in terms of electricity.

Image source: FreshYardIdeas

As shown in the picture, this homeowner chose to use hanging lightbulbs for their wooden fence. At every fence post, they’ve nailed the fence lights to create a swooping pattern along their backyard fence.

Use lights on your fence posts

Owners often use posts to hold their fence lights. Source: Wayfair

If you have a vinyl fence, you can use fence lights that sit atop your fence posts or deck railing. At night or dusk, these types of fencing lamps provide illumination for your outdoor area that isn’t overwhelming or too harsh for you as you entertain guests on your deck.

White fence with lamp light on fence post
A white fence with a lantern-style fence light atop a fence post. Source: Mercari

Once again, homeowners used posts of their fence to hold a light that resembles a lantern or lamp. Each post along their white vinyl fencing holds lamps that offer illumination at dusk or throughout the night.

Use wall lights for your fencing

Wall lights used on a wooden fence in an outdoor space
Many fence owners attach fence lights to each fence post to create a modern, sleek appearance. Source: Wayfair

Another way homeowners improve the look of their landscape as the sun goes down during dusk. In the picture above, you can see that these fence owners used a modern wooden fence with wall lights so their outdoor area has plenty of illumination. Wood is a popular choice for but there are numerous benefits to choosing vinyl fencing instead of wooden fences.

Black vinyl solar fence lighting
This black vinyl fence has round bulbs, creating a classy touch to this garden. Source:

In this fence lighting example, the owners used a black vinyl fence to enclose their garden. For illumination, they attached a circular bulb in between each fence post. This design is subtle yet elegant, providing a soft light around their garden’s landscape during dawn and dusk. Adding a wall light to your fence

Use hanging overhead lights near your fence

Wall lights on wooden fence with overhead bulbs
The right fence light ideas can be hard to find, but worth it once you’ve created a great outdoor space. Source:

In this modern-style backyard design, you can see that there’s a wooden fence with circular bulbs illuminating the cozy outdoor area. Plus, there’s an inviting fire pit to infuse any outdoor gathering with warmth and coziness.

Use solar fence lights is a popular spot for DIY home improvement projects. Image:

If you’re interested in energy efficiency, solar fence lights are a great option. Backyard lights can be a terrible drain on your electricity, causing your energy bill to skyrocket. When you install solar lighting, you save on your electricity bill and also incorporate environmentally conscious home decor.

Top Questions About Fence Lighting

Why is outdoor lighting important?

Our backyards and outdoor decks are the places where we spend time with loved ones and entertain friends. Beyond just adding lamps and lightbulbs to your space, considering light placement can create a great outdoor experience and atmosphere.

In addition to creating ambiance on your patio, deck, or backyard, there are also safety benefits as well. When your outdoor area is illuminated, your guests can easily find their way through your property when the sun has gone down.

What makes some solar fence lights better than others?

As you shop for fence lights, you’re probably wondering how you can tell the good lights from the cheap knock-offs. A cheaper price isn’t always better and it’s worth understand which solar-powered lights are worth their price and which are a scam.

Here are some traits of good, quality solar-powered fence lights:

Solid assembly: Good solar-powered lights have a strong panel to hold the battery that stores the sunlight.

Good battery life: Many lighting products don’t hold a charge well. This is often the case with lead-acid batteries, which have a limited lifespan. It’s best to get nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Wiring & connections: When it comes to installation, look for a brand that offers quick-connect wiring systems so you can easily hook them up to a central solar photovoltaic panel.

Ground fixtures: As you explore different design styles and features, search for products and models with long spikes. These types of outdoor lighting products will provide a secure mooring and make it less likely that your light will be damaged from wear and tear.

Which type of outdoor lights are best?

The definition of top-quality outdoor lights for your home depends on your specific budget and use cases for your outdoor area.

There are 7 different types of outdoor landscape lighting fixtures:

  1. Spotlights: These are one-direction lights that can be used to create an uplight effect when pointed upward against a wall or fence.
  2. Floodlights: This type of light is a special fixture that is commonly used near the gutter of a home to illuminate driveways and patios.
  3. Up & Downlights: As their name suggests, these lights are used to add life to statues, illuminate walls and gate entrances, and beautify your backyard when the sun goes down.
  4. Step lights: If you have steps or stairs in your backyard or near your patio, you may want to install step lights. These will greatly help you keep your property safe and navigable after the sun goes down.
  5. Garden lights: While most people think of outdoor lights, they usually think of a patio light or a deck lamp. But, while that kind of light is needed at times, adding an LED light or two to your garden is also helpful.
  6. Bollard lights: This type of light has a bulb, usually LED, that sits atop a post and lights up paths on your property.
  7. String lights: If you want to really light up your deck around dawn, you can use hanging lights to keep your outdoor area lit.

Can solar fence lights charge on cloud days?


Often, a customer will often spend hours doing everything online from shopping to picking the exact LED lights for their fences. As you explore the different bulb types, different ornaments and fixtures, and other features, it’s worth considering eco-friendly options like solar lights.

When you’re trying to design the perfect light fixture for your home, a search for solar lights will yield some incredible options. Aside from your initial investment in property lights, the ongoing energy costs can increase if you have your backyard lights on for hours at a time.

As eco-friendly options, solar fence lights let you improve the safety of your property while saving on the cost it takes to illuminate your property. A top-quality light fixture with a good design and made from great material can provide enormous cost-saving benefits for years.

How do you install fence lights?

In most cases, you can consult with the fence light manufacturer’s packaging since most have detailed instructions for installing lights in your backyard, patio, or along your fence.

How bright should an outdoor light be?

The ideal brightness of your outdoor lights depends on the location and use case for your lights. A patio light has a different level of required brightness than a solar fence light or waterproof pool light.

The brightness of a light bulb is measured in lumens and refers to the bulb’s brightness, intensity, and the amount of visible light emitted from the bulb. Standard light bulbs are 40 watts or 400+ lumens while higher wattage lightbulbs have higher lumen counts.

Do outdoor LED lights need to be plugged in?

Most outdoor lights are battery-operated, which means they do not need to be plugged in. If your lights operate on solar power, they’ll likely still have a battery pack for when there’s little sun. If you choose fencing lights that are made with high-quality material, you’ll be able to keep your property lit without worrying about keeping your lights plugged in.

Are outdoor lights safe in the rain?

It’s one thing to have lights on a covered patio, but what if your lights are exposed to the rain? Thankfully, many lighting products are made with aluminum, copper, and brass so they can withstand watery weather like a rainstorm without losing power or being damaged.

Additionally, one of the most common features among well-made, designer-brand lights is an extra power source like a spare battery pack so, when the rain does come, your lights will be fine.

What are some solutions for lighting up my backyard fence?

Solar-powered lights are growing in popularity as people look for ways to light up their home and outdoor spaces with all-weather lighting. Often, owners of a home will use their backyard fence to hang lights and keep their gate and other entrances well-lit when the sun goes down. This saves guests from having to search in the dark for any sign of hole or obstacle.

As you search for good sun-powered lights to save you money on your energy bill, be sure to look at customer reviews for any sign that the product is flawed. It’s best to find out before the product ships that a product is faulty or not ideal for your type of home.

Are smart fences and LED deck lighting worth the money?

Often, those who are on a search for good solar or LED lights for their outdoor spaces are wanting to sit on their deck with a glass of wine and enjoy the view of a perfectly manicured property.

In addition to choosing low-voltage light options like LED, owners often look for smart lights that are controllable using a smartphone app or are integrated into a complete home lighting system. The benefit of these depends on the owner’s specific budget and use case.

How do I choose solar lighting with the right level of brightness for my driveway and yard? Most are too “soft”…

A best practice as you search for the perfect lights is to look at the number of lumens. The higher the number of lumens, the higher the brightness level will be. The exact number of recommended lumens depends on the kind of spaces or home projects you’re using the lights for.

Which is the best choice for garden fence lighting?

Often, many owners search for the best way to run a line from their home, just like this person on Reddit.

Ultimately, the best way to save money is to search for a light solution that works for your specific needs. Whether you choose solar lights for your landscape or search for a different option that can save you money, you can talk to a fence lighting expert.

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